This is what dreams are made of.

It’s the most The Secret-like moment I’ve ever had in my life!

A) I discover kickass Austin band The Happen-Ins on the radio,

B) I blog about them,

C) I make a fool out of myself in front of one of them,

D) We take pictures together at Pixel Pop!

Couldn’t have asked for a better manifestation of the universe, there.
Except for a picture with this cutie pie.

Candace Carlisle, you are such a freakin’ hottie. Thank you again for putting on an amazing bash last Friday!
We’re lucky to have the caliber of party planners we do here in Austin, Texas, non?
Psst – speaking of parties. You coming to the Bleet-Up tonight?  I hear it’s the place to be!
Valet parking for all arrivals, so just pull up, hop out, and let the good folks at Four Seasons take care of you. 
Did I tell you Kohana Coffee is going to be there, sampling their Cold Brew?  Basically, you’re going to flip out.  It’s oh-so delicious, and this is coming from a bonafide coffee connoisseur (re: addict).
can’t wait to see you guys!