Me and the moody flowers.

You all are probably sick of looking at my mug by now. But look!:
This is a pic I took with my relatively new Diana camera, which I’m crazy about. 
I accidentally double-exposed this picture when I took it. It was the day after I bought this strange little flower plant, which literally closes up its blossoms in the slightest amount shade, then bursts them back open again when it is receiving direct sun rays.
When I bought the plant, I carried it to my car, and walked through some shade. That was roughly 20 feet. 
Then, I drove exactly three blocks to my house. 
During this time, the blossoms were all, “oh hell no” and immediately closed up.
Because they spent a grueling four minutes without sunshine!

Can you believe a flower is that sensitive to light? You probably can, but this is my very first time to buy and attempt to take care of flowers. Isn’t that sad?

Things are about to majorly turn around though here at Eavesdropper HQ. I am all UP in this grow-your-own-everything business. I mean, it’s not Swiss Family Robinson at our place yet, but I’m determined to eat something I grow this year.

do you guys garden?