Austin Bleet-Up: Blogger Smorgasbord!

I’m not gonna lie, people. This Bleet-Up photo booth got a little out of control.

Maybe because we were all so deliriously happy it didn’t rain.

Maybe because Jennie Chen (from MisoHungry) brought a puppy!

Or, maybe, because our props included a coconut bra, Bon Jovi wig, and fake chest hair.

All of which bring out a different side in people!

which austin bloggers do you spot?

Pause. This is the crew from Kohana Coffee, who came and sampled their delicious Cold Brew at the Bleet-Up!

Event planner people, I’d like to strongly recommend this group for your next party.

Our folks were crazy about their coffee, and on top of that, Piper Jo – second from left, one of the co-founders of Kohana – is just really cool. When I got to Four Seasons, visibly flustered because I was 99% sure it was going to rain, she hugged me and said, “so what if it does? We’ll party inside!”

It was exactly what I needed to hear.

By a singular miracle, it did not rain! But all the same, I really want to thank Four Seasons for graciously agreeing to do the whole event outdoors, even though the sky was threatening to open up and pour on us. The staff went out on a limb to accommodate our group, and speaking of the staff, they’re extra fun to hang out with!

Heh. Here’s a server I grabbed to take a picture with me. We’re holding appetizer sausages.

More madness:

Flicktress Cory Ryan is a little bit magical, non?

Cory has the ability to make all of her subjects look so warm, energetic, and vibrant. I joke with her that since she was my wedding photographer (three years ago), she doesn’t have a choice – she’s stuck with me for LIFE! I don’t plan parties that often, but when I do, she’s my go-to gal for photo booths.

More glorious Bleet-Up pics here.

And finally, thank you to everyone who came to the Bleet-Up! It’s a crime how much fun I have doing this.

Thank you, Candace Carlisle, for getting there early and calming me down. Thank you badass goodie bag sponsors, Snap Kitchen, TRIO, Austin Convention Center and Visitors Bureau, and more. Thank you weather, thank you glass(es) of wine, and most of all, thank you bloggers  for helping make our city the radass place it is.

You all are too fun!