The Next Oprah is from Austin, has Cerebral Palsy, and I want to marry him.

Omigod! You guys.

GARY! just turned me onto a man, a man from Austin, who is auditioning for Oprah’s Next TV Star. His name is Zach, and he is currently leading the contest by one million votes.

Zach has Cerebral Palsy,”the sexiest of all the Palsies,” as he calls it.

But his audition is not a sad audition. It is a hilarious audition.

According to our dear friend Lauren Lytle, Zach used to do a show called The Wingmen. I just watched an episode, and that too is delightful.

I want this man to win so badly! How incredibly awesome would that be, Austinites, if one of our own became the next Oprah? Let’s rally the troops!

vote for zach here!

Also, check out Zach’s adorable follow-up video here, where he says thank you for all the votes. His reaction when he sees how many votes he got is PRICELESS.