Sexy Face and Vivian’s Muse.

I have a friend, Nina, who tries to teach me how to do Sexy Face.

“Just act like someone called your name from across the room,” she says. “Look up, and turn your head, suddenly” – she demonstrates – “like you’re startled. But SEXY startled.”

I give it a shot.

“No, no, not like you’re SHOCKED,” she says. “You’re not scared of them. Just gently surprised. Like, ‘oh, I had no idea you’d be here!'”

I attempt it. But instead of, “oh, I didn’t know you’d be here!” my face reads: WTF!

“Here, let’s try something else,” Nina suggests. “You’re angry. But angry hot.”

Nina demonstrates, and she is – as always – smoldering. Salma Hayek in Dusk ‘Til Dawn. A subtle, fiery look of passion.

I raise my eyebrows, think about being mad, and try to look ANGRY (hot).

“Tolly, baby…” she sighs. “You look like someone just ran over your cat. Remember, you’re not actually pissed. You just want to look ever-so-slightly serious, the way models do.”

I have the kind of features, or personality, or whatever that prevents Sexy Face. Happy Face? Fine. Big, Enormous Grin Face? That too. See me on the right (mustached), with my friend Sarah? That is the face I was born to make.

So when I got an email last week from an exceedingly lovely person, Julia Vie, I was intrigued. She is the owner/operator of Vivian’s Muse, a photography outfit that specializes in snapping the female form – in the bedroom.

Now, I’ve never done a boudoir shoot before (too shy!) but I’ve seen enough boudoir photography – mostly by male photographers – to make me extremely skeptical. As readers of this blog know I am obsessed with Flickr, and have done enough searches on there for “woman,” “girl,” etc. to become well-acquainted with the tackier corners of Flickr soft-porn.

When I clicked on the link for Vivian’s Muse, then, I didn’t know what to expect. Imagine my delight when I spied THESE adorable pics!

Julia hosted a Pin Up Photoshoot Party at Hotel St. Cecilia last weekend, and said she made a little video. Maybe she’ll send it my way so we can see!

In addition to boudoir, Vivian’s Muse also does wedding photography and portraiture, some in this almost lo-fi style that I REALLY like. She’s also offering a Free Boudoir Shoot when you bring in 5-6 girls, and I know some of you will want to jump on that.

I’m going to do a little post on Vivian’s Muse for Launch787 too next month, and am putting together some questions to ask Julia. What would you ask?

This is Julia, by the way. How cute is she?