Secret’s Out: Hollywood Gossip releases Dear as Diamonds this Saturday.


What are you doing on Saturday night? Hanging out with me!

If you live in Austin, that is. That’s because I’m going to Hollywood Gossip’s CD release party at Ghost Room, and I don’t have to ask you twice if you’ll be there.

Hollywood Gossip is about to release their new album Dear as Diamonds, and were kind enough to let me sample it. Here’s a review I wrote up for Launch787, and I’m re-posting it below. You can enjoy the whole album here, and be sure to check out Republic of Austin’s astute review.

As for me? Y’all, I threw a private dance party for one in my car when I got this CD in the mail. Here’s my review!

review: dear as diamonds

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Morrissey woke up one day super-happy, kidnapped The Decemberists’ Colin Meloy in an energetic fit of delight, and flew the both of them down to Austin to throw a house party with Voxtrot?

Of course you do. That’s why we have Austin’s four-piece Hollywood Gossip to thank, for their upcoming Dear as Diamonds album (drops June 19) is all of those things.

I listened to Dear as Diamonds on a sunny weekend, head-bopping along in my car, and pulled out some favorites. While you can sample the album in its entirety here and join the band for its no-doubt packed CD release show at Ghost Room on Saturday, June 19, here are three singular bits of Hollywood Gossip goodness that I personally recommend:

#4, “I Can Be Right:” A sexy, syncopated, Strokes-like tune that contains the album’s namesake. “The lights shown from the stage / and when they caught your face / you seemed as dear as diamonds.” Swoon. Swoon times 1,000.

#9, “Worst Day:” A hand-clap-happy flashback about a good kid who fesses up to…something, while his partner-in-crime lies and gets off scot free. Who hasn’t been there? When I listen to this song, I don’t know whether to dance or punch someone in the face. Probably stick with dancing.

#12: “All That I Want:” Ladies, are you married? If not, you’ll want this to be your future wedding song. TRUST. Cory Ryan trades her big bad bass for a sweet ukelele, and the result is gentle gorgeoussity. No, gorgeoussity is not a word. I don’t care and neither will you when you hear this song. When frontman Tyler Womack croons, “Ooh you’re all that I want, you’re all that I need,” your hipster heart will shed away its hard, hard irony and melt into a pool of shimmering love tears. Tears of joy, that is.

see you saturday at the show!