My stunning debut.

Ok…you guys. I am dying.

So a few months ago, my buddy Rene and I made a series of instructional videos for One of their videographers came over to her little design studio, when it used to be located above Spiderhouse, and we shot these segments together.

Now do any of you have one of those friends who laughs at nothing? Giggles at inopportune moments? This is me pretty much ALL of the time, but for some reason, Rene and I were cracking each other UP while filming these. I think because we were deliberately being a little bit cheesy.

“Rene, can you show me how to design a dress?”

“Absolutely! Let’s go!

And, oh, the end result does not fail. As I sit here typing this post, I am giggling like a LUNATIC.

This video I’ve posted below is pretty straightforward/educational. But this video, however, sends me into total hysterics. What’s going on with the editing at the beginning? Am I dancing?