Mark your calendars! June 10: Ultra8201’s birthday.

As anyone who reads this blog knows, I have been TERRIBLE about doing regular music posts lately. Probably because Austin Eavesdropper now has a “music editor” who does the work for me!

But this one’s personal. (Hope that doesn’t sound too Mafia.) As such, I’m posting ahead of schedule so you will make a note on your phone, your hand, anywhere, about this show NOW:

Richard Gonzales, the founder of kick-ass local music blog Ultra8201, is ringing in his birthday next week. L.A.X. is headlining, and their brand spankin’ new music video for “Fakin’ It” is posted below.

If you’re an Austinite, you gotta LOVE the lyric “you came to 7th street to brawl? Uh-uh!”

God, how cute are those girls? And don’t you dig the fun production?

I really do think L.A.X is one of those bands that’s going to be a little bit famous, like the national kind of famous, one of these days.

Also…dudes. Have you ever met Richard in person? He is hands-down one of the most humble, down-to-earth people I have ever met, despite being ridiculously talented.  If you know Richard in real life then you know what I’m talking about.

Ultra8201 and The (late) Famousish were the first two music blogs I started reading when I moved back to Austin in 2007, and eventually Richard and I got to be good buddies. The show photos on his blog are like a magazine, and the site itself is shockingly organized.  Plus, he and Joel (co-Ultra8201 blogger) make it a point to eat dinner at Golden Corral right before any big-time music show … for the sake of “keeping it real.”

“You have to keep things in balance,” he explained to me, once. “We go to the one north of Rundberg.”

So awesome.

Anyway, you can see why I can’t help but tackle him this man a hug every time I see him!  Speaking of which, here is a kind of hilarious photo from a few months ago of Richard and I, mid-hug. Except it looks like Richard is trying to kidnap me.