Austin Eavesdropper in Rare Magazine!

Oh my gosh! You guys!!

I came across this just now while browsing on my girl Tiffany’s blog, Austin Is Burning! I am totally thrilled!

Please excuse the self-promotional nature of this post, but, can I just tell you how touched I am to be included on this list?  It is part of Rare Magazine‘s annual “Rarest of Them All” issue, where readers vote on various “Best of” categories. I didn’t even know when the poll was going on! But I guess people voted for me!!

If you cannot tell, I am on my period right now (sorry!) so my emotions are kind of, um, abundant. But I just want to say this:

The fact that this blog has readers is EXCITING ENOUGH to me. But the kinds of readers who say it is their favorite? That almost makes me cry a little bit. I always think I’m not doing enough. “I should create a Facebook page…I should make more videos…I should comb through all the archives of my stupid-looking early posts and re-format them or better yet delete them and hey what the hell is an RSS?” And trust me, I want to do/fix/learn all of those things!

But while I learn and improve, I so, so appreciate everyone who has stuck with me and found this blog enjoyable.  This is the most fulfilling hobby I have ever had. I have gotten to meet the coolest people through Austin Eavesdropper, I have had a forum to talk about my public obsession with this city, and I have opened up certain posts and read your comments before when I need to feel a little bit awesome again. (It’s true.) I want to continue to make it better so that you love it even more, and if you ever have a suggestion or simply want to say “hi,” please know that I do a little tap-dance whenever people write.

Wow. I’m kind of acting like I won an Academy Award here – I think I’ll stop now. Before I do, have to say it, one more time:

thank you. i love you!