A post from GARY!: Happy Pride, Austin.

This post, lovelies, comes courtesy of Austin Eavesdropper’s very own music editor GARY!

I hope you find his simple reflections on this song as touching as I did. GARY! and I were having a conversation earlier about the nature of love, and about shame. In our hip, ironic, post-everything world, it is things like Pride Week that remind me how good it feels to genuinely emote. And to say so – without qualification or apologetic quotation marks – when something moves you.

Here’s GARY!:

This one goes out to all the gays, queers, lesbos, fags, drag queens, dykes, moes, and everyone out there that gets us and, more importantly, supports us.

I just stumbled onto the remix of an older Chemical Brothers track called “Saturate” that the Stanton Warriors reworked recently. Instead of converting the song into another breakbeat track, they actually included some samples of Martin Luther King quotes. I have no idea why, but the effect is simply astounding.

I gotta say that 50 years later, his words still resonate with anyone that has been witness to any kind of social injustice. And I can’t help getting a little emotional when I listen to this track, because as far as we have come, we still have so far to go.

The only thing I know is that his message is so strong and positive, that one can only hope that eventually everyone will come around and realize that hate has no place in humanity.

You can download the track here.

Happy Pride, Austin.


“Remember we must learn to live together as brothers and sisters and not die apart as fools. And so for this to be done, what should we do next? Keep working. Keep struggling. And keep marching. And don’t you surrender.

We are doing something brand new here today. Trying to stop a war before it starts. Trying to slow down the strong to protect the innocent children. Don’t you give up, and don’t you surrender.

Your spirit and faith will be tested. The war machine will give us fierce opposition, but faith can move mountains. And YOU are the light of the world. It’s hope time. Its healing time. Give peace a chance.”