WINNER for Peacock Plume.

For the Peacock Plume giveaway we held earlier this week, Ana was randomly selected to be our winner! Congratulations, Ana. She wrote in, as did many of you, to talk about some beloved cowboy boots:

My absolute favorite thing in my closet has to be my pink and black cowboy boots. I got them from some guy a few years ago. I saw one boot up on a shelf, and then I basically had to sift through all the junk in his shop to find the matching boot. But hey, they have butterflies stitched into them so it was totally worth it! 

As you can see, I just got my toy Diana F+ camera in the mail, and have been playing with it a little bit this week. I don’t think I’m putting Annie Liebovitz out of a job just yet. But I’m having fun anyway!

Next week I leave for a little business trip to New York – whee! – so in between now and then I’ll be getting lots of stuff in the Eavesdropper queue. This has been a rather girly week on Austin Eavesdropper, non?  Maybe I’ll try to balance it out this weekend by talking about guy stuff. Actually – I take that back, since tomorrow morning’s post will most definitely be about bras. (Seriously).

But I think the right man can appreciate a good bra.