WINNER for 5 x 7 Art Social tonight.

First off: Is this not the most attractive poster art, ever?

Secondly: I believe the “tell us a secret, win tickets” post from last Monday might be my favorite blog post, ever. People spilled some fascinating bits.  I now know more about my fellow Austinites, and their Justin Bieber-listening / anonymous sex-having / presidential election-voting / shop-lifting / Gypsy routine tap-dancing habits than I ever did before. In fact, I’m considering starting a whole new blog called: “The Secrets of Austin.” Kind of like Post Secret, but cutting out the middle man – i.e., the United States Postal Service.

Anyway! Would you like to know who the winner of our little contest is? It is Jessica, who revealed that…

I spent all day (over 12 hours) watching the big bang theory. its true.”

Congratulations, Jessica!

While Jessica’s entry was selected at random, I liked it because this is something Ross and I might do, too. Actually, Ross would start said Big Bang Theory program, I would get distracted and start reading a Real Housewives of New York blog, then a few hours would pass and the differences in our brains would be startingly clear.  Quantum physics coming out his mouth, thoughts on Luann’s questionable taste in men coming out of mine.

happy friday, everyone!