What’s your favorite place in Austin?

So guess what, you guys? I am currently in New York. (Cue Alicia Keys!)

It’s for work, but I’m still excited. Who doesn’t love Manhattan? Especially if you’re a writer, it’s not hard to feel drunk with possibility while you’re here. It’s the city of titan book publishers. The home of The New Yorker.  The New York Times. 

The home – pause here for appropriate reverence – of Carrie Bradshaw’s laptop.

Anyway!  We’ll have content running through the Eavesdropper presses this week, both by me and some lovely Eavesdropper contributors. But since I’m away, I’ve been working on a post that I decided I need your help with.

See, a few days ago, I started writing a “Top Ten Places” in Austin list. All completely subjective and up to my whims, of course. But instead of just posting THE BEST places, according to me and that’s it, I thought I’d reach out and get your opinions, too.

(Also, I know that not everyone who reads this blog lives in Austin. And to that I say, I’m sorry! But when you get to Austin – because eventually you will – the suggestions from locals will be valuable indeed. So I’m going to label this “Best of Austin” in the post tags below, and use that tag again when we run little “best of” lists or posts).

And now I turn to you, Austinites. What is your favorite place in Austin?

Truthfully, mine changes all the time. But if I had to choose – right now – I think I’d pick the low-lit, gorgeous corners of East Side Show Room. Especially with a jug band playing, and especially with silly friends. I know. I talk about it all the time. But look at it!