The singular delight that is local comic artist, Brad Neely.

So my sister-in-law turned me onto comic/cartoonist Brad Neely last weekend, and I immediately fell in love. How have I not known about this person?

And Reader, are you familiar with Brad Neely? I think I may be late to the program on this one. Everyone is probably already well aware of the man who famously re-envisioned Harry Potter as a child alcoholic, I mean right? And according to Angeliska, Mr. Neely used to work at Toy Joy, where some of his little signs and drawings still lurk about. If you’re there, go take a look!

Anyway, here is a little music video by Brad Neely about George Washington.

You like that? Then you’ll LOVE what he has to say about possibly the most bizarre Old Testament tale ever, Sodom and Gommorah.

And to think, this artist is OUR local treasure!

I think I’m going to see if Brad Neely would ever be up for an interview on Eavesdropper sometime. What would you ask him?