Interview with Molly Sims.

Last week, I interviewed Molly Sims about her new jewelry line, Grayce, at Touch of Sass here in Austin. That’s my sweet editor Carrie on the far right, and Molly in the middle. Aren’t I the redheaded stepchild of these two blond glamazons?

During the interview, I was pleased to discover that ol’ Molly is just about as low-maintenance as you can get for a famous person. I’m not sure what I was expecting – paps? A traveling bodyguard? – but she breezed in with her godson into Touch of Sass without a shred of celebrity pomp, and encouraged lots of pictures when we were all done. Tres refreshing, non?

You can read the article / watch the interview here!  I’m going to warn you right now that it wasn’t the best hair day ever for me, but hopefully that’s not a YouTube dealbreaker for you. Just know that while I’m asking questions to Molly about Grayce, I’m also secretly thinking: “Where can I get hair that shiny?”