I love Threadworthy.

 My dear friend Amber runs Threadworthy, an adorable little shop of her handmade, appliqued clothes and accessories. About a month ago, I took some pictures of her wares at Lantern Fest, and thought I’d share them with you all.

I think I fancy those cloth-covered journals best!  Not to be outdone by the vintage button rings, however.

Amber just might be the craftiest person I know, so I’m pretty thrilled the rest of the world can spy her talent now. She has these wonderful “crafternoons” at her house sometimes, where I made some of my Christmas presents last year. Also, she teaches at a school here in town where I used to work a few years ago, and where Ross still works as a music teacher. It is in fact the place where we met, and eventually got married! (Ross and I, not Amber and I). I’ll have to tell you that story sometime.

Amber is restocking shop for Threadworthy right now, so when you visit, be sure to bookmark the page and come back later. When she does, I’m going to buy some presents for people.