I Heart New York!

Last week, I traveled to New York for my jobby-job. In between meetings and professionalism, my buddy Stephanie and I ran around taking pictures!  That’s a several story-tall Carrie Bradshaw above, strolling through the sky in Times Square.

We found a delightful restaurant in Chelsea called, I believe, “La Bottega.” Isn’t it rather lovely? Steph and I think something big-time was being filmed there…we saw director/actor trailers, signs with arrows that said “TO SET,” and paparazzi.

Across the street, we had a meeting inside the Chelsea Market Building – truly one of the coolest spaces I have ever been in, with a small indoor waterfall. But with time to kill, we sauntered into this adorable cupcake shop, tucked away inside Chelsea Market Building’s long, brick corridors.

(If it weren’t for the meeting, friends, I assure you that I would have attacked one of these with my face.)

That night, we cruised down to Little Italy for dinner. On the way, we met up with Steph’s friend Rene, who took a picture of us underneath some Little Italy bling!

Times Square…Chelsea…Little Italy…there was only one thing missing. What was it? Ah yes: foam Lady Liberty hats.

I’ll miss you, New York.