Happy Monday GIVEAWAY: Peacock Plume!

Howdy do, Austin!

Well, plenty to report from this weekend: From one of the coolest art shows I’ve ever attended, to seeing a stranger’s bare man parts in the most unusual of places. Which I certainly hope is an intriguing sentence.

Anyway, I’ll try to finish that story up for tomorrow, but today, we have a tasty treat for the ladies.  Peacock Plume is a newly-launched Anthropologie-meets-Strut online boutique by two Austin women, Cara Morgan and Holly Hargrove. Several months ago, the two embarked on a mission to create a clothing shop for the stylish, frugal dame, with pieces well within the starving artist’s (or starving college student’s) budget. The solution? Eschew the overhead of a storefront, and open a boutique online. Every item they sell is under $70, with most items – dresses, jewelry, etc. – below $40.

Today they have stopped by Austin Eavesdropper to introduce themselves, so say hello to Cara and Holly! Also, Peacock Plume is graciously giving away one item – anything you want – from Peacock Plume to one lucky Eavesdropper reader.

Check out the interview below, as well as a few of my favorite pieces from the site, then follow the instructions at the bottom to enter. I’ll select a winner (at random) by Thursday at noon.

Welcome to Austin Eavesdropper, Cara and Holly! Tell us a little bit about Peacock Plume.

Peacock Plume is an online boutique specializing in affordable women’s clothing and accessories. We just launched our site and want everyone to stop by: www.peacockplume.com.

What are your backgrounds, and how did you guys get the idea to start this store together?

Cara is a chemical engineer and Holly, an interior designer. We have been friends since high school and have always shared a love of fashion and shopping. We have been told numerous times that we have an eye for what women want, and a knack for putting together unique outfits others wouldn’t think of. This lead to our vision of having a boutique where styling was a big component – not just selling pretty clothing. We wanted to help others put together amazing outfits that won’t break the bank.

What’s the “style” of the clothes here? Meaning, what kind of gal would like shopping at Peacock Plume?

I think our clothes lean a little towards the girly and romantic, but we definitely pieces on our site diverse enough to please almost any style.

How would you describe your own styles?

Our styles are slightly different… Cara is more classic and romantic while Holly tends to be a little more eclectic. We have fun with what we wear, and we don’t take ourselves too seriously or really care what others think! We can honestly say that our style depends on the day and our attitude. Both of us are perfectly comfortable going from a classic dress and heels, to romantic floral sun dresses, to tribal-inspired jewelry or funky layered pieces. Fashion is about expressing yourself and having fun doing so!

Thanks so much for stopping by Austin Eavesdropper! Any parting words for our lovely readers?

Thanks for taking a moment to read about Peacock Plume, we hope you’ll visit the site soon!

to enter the giveaway:

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Tell us your favorite item in your closet. Can be a garment or piece of jewelry.  Mine? Currently, I’ve been donning a big, ridiculously blingy gold chain necklace, with a huge scorpion pendant hanging from it. It’s from Blue Velvet. I can’t tell whether it’s fashion-forward…or comical. Which is why I adore it so.

good luck!