A post from GARY!: Massive Release

It’s me again. I just HAD to drop another quick line to let you know about another show that our friends over at Knuckle Rumbler are putting together with Simple Shoes at Encore.

Now when I talk about music, I have to say that for a good while, the local Austin scene simply failed to appear on my radar. An Austin band hadn’t really caught my attention since Spoon, and the act of discovering new bands just seemed tedious. This brings me to 2008, the year I found out about The Black and White Years.

In short, these guys restored my faith that Austin actually is the Music Capital of the World. So heed my advice: If you haven’t caught these guys around town yet, I highly suggest you get on it soon-ish (like tonight) before they blow up and get all famous. Here’s the video for “Zeroes & Ones” to whet your appetite.

Also being served up on this buffet of local talent are two other bands, releasing albums today as well: Quiet Company‘s Songs For Staying In, and the vinyl LP of the The Rocketboys20,000 Ghosts. Hence the apropos party name “Massive Release,” see?

All told, six bands round out this bill tonight: The Black and White Years, The Rocketboys, Quiet Company, The Eastern Sea, Murdocks and STEREO IS A LIE, divided up on two stages. Tickets are $10, and you can RSVP HERE.

That’s (really) all I got,