We are BACK! Also: What books are you reading?

HOORAY!  Kiss kiss Austin, I am back home and ready to smother you with love, like an overbearing Italian mother. Hugs for Mama!

Reader, we will resume  regular posting here on Austin Eavesdropper this week. I’ve got too much fun stuff to share with you, both from my adventures in San Fran, and upcoming awesomeness here in town. But first, a question.

what books are you reading right now?

I wrote an intensely personal piece on the airplane that I considered posting on this blog, but decided in the end that some things are best kept personal. However, the bottom line was this: I miss reading. Good reading. When I read less, I am a less effective writer, which has certainly been the case for me lately. Plus I just miss it, the act of holding a book in my hands, and spending some time with the people who animate its pages. You know?

So I am open to your valuable book suggestions. Memoirs have been calling to me recently, as have anything about food politics. However, I’d love to dig into some fiction, too: my tastes trend toward Ann Patchett and Zadie Smith, both contemporary writers, but trust me, my own list of unread fiction classics is impressive. (Someday, I tell myself, someday I’ll read you Moby Dick!)

What are you reading, friends?