San Francisco, off the beaten path.

Oh, Reader.  San Francisco and its attending locales are silly with sensory pleasures. Vintage clothing on Haight Street, music in grand old Oakland theaters, dim sum in Chinatown. But you knew that already.

Some of my favorite memories from this past week in San Francisco actually happened slightly off the beaten path. Am I getting old?  I must be: While slightly embarrassed to admit this to you, I confess that next to meeting up with old friends from Sacramento, I enjoyed our excursions to wine country and a science museum best of all. This, after a string of mind-blowing musical performances. I know. Am undeniably older.  Either that, or gay men – my band of companions – simply do not age like the rest of us. A semi-plausible theory when you think about it.

Here are some of my favorite shots from those two trips. Wine country first, then museum. Guess what the last picture is!