Huisache Grill / One of the coolest birthday presents ever.

Have any of you visited Huisache Grill in New Braunfels?

Ross and I ventured down a few weeks ago for my birthday. Look at this dashing couple we discovered!

Hi Mom and Dad. You’re looking quite studly in your leather jacket, sir.

Huisache Grill is the new “in-between” restaurant for my parents (who live in San Antonio) and Ross and I.  I can’t quite remember how they discovered it, but it’s built literally next door to the train tracks, and when the train rolls by you can look out the window and see it a little more than an arm’s reach away. It also has its own wine bar. And because wine + odd novelties = Moseley Family solid gold, we’ve been eating there often.

What a carnivorous family, right? Anyway, the food here is delicious, and largely country club-type dishes. Bacon-wrapped sirloin, salmon cakes, turkey club sandwiches. No Burmese-fusion or surprise sushi rolls here, but sometimes you crave simple food. You know. ‘Merican.

For my birthday, my parents gave me the most awesome present ever: a vintage jewelry box, filled with vintage necklaces, earrings, rings, brooches – WHEE! I was ecstatic, and have been wearing around my new treasures everywhere.

Ross looks a little weary, probably because I just squealed in his ear.