You guys! I am so excited it is almost Easter!!

It’s such a goofy holiday that I can’t help but getting a little bit giddy. It’s also one of those holidays that makes me want to surround myself with children, like a creepy pseudo Miss Hannigan (except I would be nice to the children and everyone in MY orphanage would love me).

Ross and I are not parents yet, but when I see a random baby dressed up as a little duck or bunny rabbit or something else unspeakably adorable / appropriately Easter-ish, I freak out. It makes me wish that we could dress up Claudia as something cute until we DO have a baby, but unfortunately, anything we put on her would be shred into twitching pieces of unrecognizable cotton fibers. So! Gazing at pretty Easter pictures will have to do.

Here are some I’ve saved to my computer this week:

Another reason I love Easter is that it is my first childhood memory.  I remember walking up a wooden deck with my mom when I was about three, holding a bright purple basket, and my mom wearing a plaid purple dress. Perhaps because of this, purple has always been my favorite color.

We are going to try to find a good Easter egg hunt here in Austin this Sunday. Let me know if you hear of any!