TONIGHT: Stereo is a Lie.

Hi friends. Got plans tonight? The answer is “yes.” And GARY! is about to give them to you. You’re welcome!

Take it away, GARY!:

So I’m a little short on time today, but I wanted to make sure people new about a little local show our friends at the Mohawk are hosting tonight. If you don’t have plans swing on by for Stereo is a Lie, Love at 20, The Burning Hotels, and the Team Fabrication DJ’s. Cover is only $6.

I am honestly am not too familiar with Stereo is a Lie, but I’ve been told by the ever reliable Jennifer Leduc that they will indeed be rocking my socks off. So I’m pretty sure you can take that to the bank.

(As a bonus you can actually download all of Love at 20’s new album here.)

That’s all I got, and maybe I’ll see ya at the Hawk–