The Runaways. And, major girl crush on Kristen Stewart. UPDATED.

You guys, I am SO excited. Tomorrow, I’m going to an early screening for The Runaways – that Joan Jett movie with Kristen Stewart. AND Dakota Fanning.

Dear God I love you, Kristen Stewart. I like how whenever she gets photographed, she looks vaguely uncomfortable and not all hard-core pose-y. You know what I mean? Like, she’s showing up because it’s her job, and that’s that.

Anyway, I’m going with my buddy Emily from Girls Rock Camp, and I am wondering if Emily would be freaked out if I dressed to theme.  Ideas:

The screening is at 11….am.

Here’s what I’ve got so far:

A good start, but unfortunately I lack pants. Am trying to think of what Joan Jett would do in such a situation.  Am thinking she’d probably just skip them?

So, lacking both appropriate pantwear and the moxie to simply go without at tomorrow (morning)’s screening, I am learning toward either tights with shorts, a trend I am currently wearing to death, or, a ridiculous black leather skirt I scored at Buffalo Exchange about a year ago for $7 and have never, ever worn. It was one of those days where I was like, “you know what every self-respecting woman needs? A SKIN-TIGHT BLACK LEATHER SKIRT. WITH A BROKEN ZIPPER.”

I know. I’ve never heard of that fashion rule for women, either. I’m just as confused as you are.

UPDATE: Here’s what I went with!

I know I know. Shorts with tights. I can’t stop!  Also, this picture is hard to make out. Which is why I made a special effort to get close-up shots of the metal-y, Joan Jett-like wristwear, with increasing degrees of toughness.




I’m not sure what that face is saying, but I believe it’s something along the lines of: “DON’T F-K WITH THE BABYSITTER.” Either that or “I’m really really constipated!”