That’s what she said.

Our favorite autograph yet of SXSW!

GARY! got one too, but the picture was too blurry. I think because he was shaking too much with excitement as I took it. 

Look at this pod of crazies. We’ve got Stan, Chris, me, Happy, and GARY!  Stan is detecting the weather with his tongue, Chris is beyond excited, I am sporting Carrot Top hair, Happy is beginning to question his choice of social companions, GARY! is all, “I’m SO SURE.”

In the above picture, I instructed everybody to make their “handsome face.” GARY! misunderstood the assignment.

(This exact same thing happened last year at SXSW.  When GARY! and my beautiful friend Sissel joined me in a picture, the person taking it said to make a “hot face.” GARY! and Sissel knew exactly what to do. And looked totally hot –

– while I just look PISSED).

Anyhoo! Last night’s Gowalla party at The Belmont was a ridiculous treat. Miss Nina Hartley, it was such a pleasure to meet you!