SXSW 2010 recap: Meet Casxio, our favorite musical discovery.

So there I was, trekking down east 6th St.  Friday.  The third day into SXSW Music.  I had parked my car somewhere between I-35 and Egypt, and was just starting to make it to the mainland. By which I mean, the point on e. 6th where you can begin to see things like the capitol, or, the curve of the earth.

Just outside Shangri-La, I heard a big funky bass.  Accompanied by the sung words, “I JUST WANNA HAVE SEX WITH YOU.” I thought: “I will check this out.”

The band was Casxio, and they are officially my favorite accidental discovery of SXSW.  I stumbled upon lots of bands last week that I hadn’t heard of before, but this time, I stayed for the entire set.  Here are some pictures from that show.

I successfully turned GARY! and Sweet Leaf’s Happy Mercado into groupies too, so they joined me at the Knuckle Rumbler SXSW Lounge on Saturday to check them out. Here are some to-die photos that Happy took.

Casxio is from Los Angeles, and their sound is falsetto-laden funk, with touches of Mika (says GARY!) and Scissor Sisters (says me).  It is instant dance party, and makes me want to wear sequins. They kindly toted along SXSW sampler CDs, so of course I snatched one!

Pictures fail to fully give justice to what amazing performers the Casxio members are.  GARY! caught both “Seventeen” and their cover of Sinead O’Connor’s “Nothing Compares” at the Knuckle Rumbler Lounge on video. The pipes on Lucas, the frontman, are RIDICULOUS.

(Pause: how cute is Andrea, the keyboard player, with the shoulder shimmies?)

(Sidenote: this is my roomate, Jesu..I mean, Caleb. If you see this man around town, please make fun of him for knowing ALL the words to this song.)

Lastly. As evidenced by my own blog profile, I am kind of a sucker for drag. My father went on one of his first dates with my mom dressed in drag (true story), I dressed up as Rodney Dangerfield for Halloween one year, followed by K-Fed….anyway. Here is Casxio’s music video for “Seventeen,” for which I think we can all agree that Lucas makes a disturbingly beautiful woman.

 Are you dying?

Eavesdropper readers, let’s help make Casxio super rich and famous!