Style rut help.

Oh, Reader.  I am in a bit of a style rut.

I’ve always felt a little “safe” in my fashion choices, it’s true. Cute, but…safe.  I will take one risk and wear it to death, as evidenced by yesterday morning.  I began putting on shorts and tights for roughly the two thousandth time and thought, “this has got to stop.” Something new is in order. A wholesale change.

Whenever I get to feeling this way, I look at people with styles I admire. My friend Sarah is one such person, and – dare I say it? – Nicole Richie is another. Don’t even front y’all. You and I both know how good she looks.

So in lieu of an Austin-y or musical post this morning, I feel like looking at pictures with a very articulated vintage style, to hopefully get my groove back. Even more so than how Stella got her groove back.

I love this guy.
And this woman.

These gorgeous photographs comes from the eyes and hands of Courtney Brooke. She doesn’t live in Austin, but I wish she did.