Justine’s, je t’aime.

Last night, Ross and I went to Justine’s with a beautiful group of friends.

We had eaten there six days before for Valentine’s Day.

I officially have a crush on this place!

A few months back, I wrote a little review on Yelp about Justine’s.* Now, I’ve got many more an eatery to visit here in Austin, but from my experience, Justine’s, East Side Show Room, and Blue Dahlia Bistro are the three sexiest places to dine in town.

(Of course if someone would like to refute this theory by treating me to Wink or Parkside – neither of which I’ve visited yet – then by no means will I stop you!)

Ross and I were talking the other night about the things we look for in a restaurant. His number one thing is food. My number one thing is atmosphere. I know – mine is a tad snobby. And if the food is terrible then of course I’ll make a mental note of it. But when we go out to eat, I’m much more attuned to the mood of the space, the lighting, the small special touches (like East Side Show Room’s steampunk lamps made out of machinery gears), than my food. Vintage chandelier > perfectly grilled salmon. It’s true.

I’ve also decided that waiting has stopped being an issue for me. I’m not a patient saint all the time, mind you – the first time we ate at Justine’s we had to wait a bit, and I was most definitely the annoying patron whining to the hostess every five minutes, “how far up on the list are we now?” – but as I discover the restaurants in Austin that I truly love, I find that typically, they are the ones that require a wait. And that is alright. Because the food is prepared by a few loving hands in a small kitchen. It’s small because it’s locally owned. (And nine times out of ten, I can drink while I wait, which makes things more than ok.) And because, where do I have to be, really. Nowhere. Between Twittering and texting and everything else, I think I’m starting to welcome these pockets of time where things run a bit slower.

Anyway, enough of all that. The REAL reason I’m writing this post is to show you these post cards Justine’s made for their diners on Valentine’s Day last weekend, and I loved them so much I asked her – Justin Gilcrease – if she wouldn’t mind sharing.

Provocative, non? I heart.

*I am a terrible Yelper. This is one of exactly three Yelp reviews I’ve done, ever.