GARY! has a birthday, internet rejoices! Also: Digital Love.

Well guys, I’m not going to beat around the bush. What I’m about to show you is kinda sexy.

Tonight is Digital Love, a show hosted by dance party BFF’s, Knuckle Rumbler.  (Pause. If you are a regular reader of Austin Eavesdropper, you might think that Knuckle Rumbler pays us to talk about their parties. And if you thought that you would actually be right, because they do pay us – generously.  In awkward hugs. The side, one-armed kind, that are like “oh, hey….good to see you….um.”  GARY! and I are holding out for full-frontal).

Anyway! Remember how I said this was about to get sexy. This next thing might be a teensy, tiny bit NSFW, but it is enormously clever so if you’re boss is awesome, he/she probably won’t mind.

This is a video flyer, made by Emmett at Rusty Screw Productions. And if that doesn’t convince you to go, here! Look at this pretty pink poster!

If you’re anything like me and effortlessly dazzled by pink things, well, I’ll see you there. But if you need more information here are some links to sample:

love at 20 
dj markus with a k

Rumor has it SPEAK packed Waterloo Records on Wednesday, and?  They showed up in an Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile

In addition to the dance party tonight, there will be chocolate. That’s right, CHOCOLATE. And an Annie Ray photo booth.

But. Would you believe I haven’t even gotten to the most exciting part? GARY!’s birthday is tomorrow!

We’re unofficially kicking it off at Digital Love tonight, so if you’d like to meet this handsome man, well….form an even cue, gentlemen.

Poster courtesy of Andrew at Frank + Victor.

Happy Friday, everyone!