Fashion Freakout 2010.

Friday night, fashion – along with a crowd of about 900 people – freaked out at Mohawk.

Comic Matt Bearden was about the most delightful emcee anyone could ask for.  (So much so that I am currently browsing his website, looking for dates when I can see his stand-up.) The models were not only nice to look at, but cute in their struts, too. Fashion Freakout is one of the only fashion shows I’ve attended where models are encouraged to show off their personality a little, and respond to the blaring overhead rock music with a touch of air guitar, a shimmy at the end of the catwalk, or a wink at the audience.  We shrieked in kind, and I snapped pictures as fast as I could.

Speaking of pictures: I took SO many that night, but only a few of them turned out lovely. Apologies in advance that so many are taken from the back (but, then, given that these are models, perhaps you won’t mind looking at these backsides). For more, hop on over to Everzalez, who snapped some delicious pics, or the commentary and video on News 8. (Note: It’s taking my computer a little long to load that particular video, but it’s probably just my computer). Amanda at Dishevelled Stars got a ton of amazing shots too, and Indiana at Adored Austin recorded a killer video.

Spotted: Tiffany Diane of Austin is Burning working the shit out of some big hair and black frocks on the runway.

Holy Jebus I loved this show.  There was some serious metal accompanying these looks, prompting cute Keaton O’Neal (wife of Austin AV Club editor Sean O’Neal) and I to give each other knowing fist pumps at one point. Girlfriend knows her metal! “Motley Crue, second album,” she said. Keaton, if you’re reading this: you are a badass.

While the styling between the three featured vintage shops – Buffalo Exchange, New Bohemia, and Prototype Vintage – was very diverse, my favorite features were: ’90s Courtney Love/Hole looks, with grungy teased hair paired and short, poofy prom dresses; lacey tights; tiered taffeta (freaking layers of it); and of course, the abundant black leather. Yummy.

Thanks again Audrie San Miguel for the preview on Austin Eavesdropper, and already, I am entirely too jazzed for FF 2011. 

I love you, Fashion Freakout!