This is our cute, cuddly cat, Claudia.

This is why Claudia is kind of a douchebag.

Claudia likes to hunt Ross Husband. Lately, she’s been stalking him all over the house. What she’ll do is, she’ll hide behind a piece of furniture when he enters the room, and then when he walks by, Claudia will MAUL HIS ANKLE like she wants to kill it. Which she probably does.

We’re not sure why she has been so attack-y lately, but we’re pretty sure smothering her with love is not helping.

“Yuck, STOP IT!” is exactly what she’s saying here. If you thought those words while looking at Claudia’s face, congratulations because not only are you correct, you share a brain with my cat.

I tried to get a shot of Claudia being all mad and teeth-baring while Ross Husband messed with her on the floor, but she effectively Bruce Lee’d my camera lens:

She is totally round-housing Ross Husband’s hand.

Anyway, when she gets anxious, she deals with it by taking it out on our poor red chair in the living room. In the battle between chair and Claudia, I believe the rough breakdown is something like:

Chair = 2
Claudia = 50,000,000

As you can see, Claudia commands a healthy margin.

Here is one more picture of Claudia, looking over at Ross, silently planning to stalk, attack and eat him.

Also? It looks like the white, bright light of heaven is shining into our foyer.

(PS, I’m sorry. I promise GARY! and I will start talking about Austin and stuff to do et. al. soon.  Sometimes I have to take a break and talk about my psycho cat).