"Brides" in the park.

This weekend, my friend Amy is hosting her photographer pal here in Austin. She is building up her portfolio for bridal portraits, and asked if we could help out. An excuse to put my wedding dress back on? ABSOLUTELY.

While Laura, the photographer, shot us with her professional camera at Mayfield Park (near Laguna Gloria), I took a few pics of my own. Amy caught a couple of me (on bottom) too.

The best part? At dinner last night, I told Ross there was still time to “re-propose,” since I had been wearing my wedding dress that day.  So at Sushi Zushi, he took off my ring, held it in his hand, and asked if I would stay in his house and continue to rock his world keep on being his wife. (We’ve both watched a little too much Rock of Love in our day.)

I said yes.