Why we all love Learning Secrets.

SO. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the suffix “-preneur,” as in “entrepreneur,” “mommy-preneur,” “teen-preneur,” etc.  I know, who thinks of these things?  I’ll tell you: publicists.  That’s right.  MY ILK.
Anyway, I am constantly in awe of people who take their dreams and put the ol’ “preneur” gloss on them.  Let me give you an example.  About a month ago, I met a guy at Whole Foods who worked at the capital for over 20 years.  Then one day, as he was leaving work, he said to himself: “You know what?  I want to wash dogs.” And that is what he did.  Quit his very secure, very benefits-laden job working for the state, and opened up shop out of his garage as a dog groomer.  Which he does now, full-time.  Lucky bastard?  Kind of. But mostly: Ballsy bastard. 

The first time I told a friend about Learning Secrets, I believe the phrase “living the dream” was included in that sentence.  That is because they are – stay with me now – party-preneurs.  And, lest you think this is a risky business, go ahead and laugh yourself right back to your cubicle, because Learning Secrets is about to turn six!

On Friday, January 22, Learning Secrets is having a six-year-old birthday party at Beauty Bar.  These are the same people who booked Phoenix for a little DJ set at Beauty Bar last Fall, y’all (<—rhyming, I gots it!), so you know they’re going to do this thing right.

the skinny:

Musical guests Classixx and Woolfy

A hot-spot booth by Clear (fancy)

Photo booth by Alison Narro

Red Bull Music Academy will record and broadcast the whole thing.  That’s right, world – hide your khakis!  Austin hipness is hitting the airwaves!  

Tickets are $5 with RSVP / $8 without

Also. Are you listening, high rollers? Because a teensy amount of VIP passes are available for $30. These passes include personalized, signed white pleather pants from Lady Gaga.  Not really but you should still consider it: email info@learningsecretsmusic.com to inquire/buy.

Happy birthday, Learning Secrets!