TONIGHT: A post from GARY! Let’s Lose Our Aural Virginity Together

Because do you think I (Tolly) would have been clever/naughty enough to come up with that post title? Of course not. Here’s GARY!:
If you’re a frequent Eavesdropper, then you have probably seen Knuckle Rumbler mentioned on AE quite a bit.  You see reader, here at AE we are HUGE proponents of fun. We are firm believers in the four tenets of nightlife: Great Music, Good People, Lots of Laughter, and as much dancing as Texas State law permits*.  The reason we get so excited when we catch wind of a Knuckle Rumbler event is because we know that Jill and Aaron never hold back and they ALWAYS throw down a good time.  So what do they have in store for us this time you ask? Well keep reading…

So now that I have you frothing at the mouth, let me tell you what fun awaits you this Saturday. Knuckle Rumbler has gone and teamed up with 101x for their Homegrown Live concert series.  If you aren’t familiar with Homegrown Live, it is essentially a concert chalk full of talent from folks right here in Austin (you know, the Live Music Capital of the World). This is the 1st Homegrown Live of the new year, and it is shaping up to be quite a doozy.  This installment brings us the sweet sounds of Zlam Dunk, Freshmillions, The Couch, and Custodian.  (Make sure you click on the hyperlinks to be taken to their respective MySpace pages).

Now I don’t mean to play favorites, but the band I am most excited to see here are Fresh Millions.  I’m not excited because I think they are better than any of the other bands, I am merely excited because I have already had the pleasure of catching these guys live last week at the Parish with Auto Body, and can I just take a minute to go off on a tangent and say Ohhh Mhm Geee?  If you haven’t seen either one of these bands play, prepare to have your face melted off.  Yes that’s right,  They. Will. Melt. Your. Face. Off.  That’s how good they are. 

(One girl in the audience was wearing too much Aqua Net hairspray learned the hard way.  True story, and by “true” I mean I totally made that last part up to prove my point that I had THAT good of a time.)
So while Auto Body isn’t part of this show, I’m still giving them a shout out because this post is about local musicians, and those guys definitely deserve to be heard.  So yes, while I have seen Fresh Millions play, I am quite the aural virgin when it comes to Zlam Dunk, The Couch, and Custodian.  Figuring you might be finding yourself in the same conundrum as myself, 101x was kind enough to provide some free MP3’s for you to download.  So far I am REALLY liking what I hear, and completely stoked to throw on my high tops and head for the middle of the floor with Ms. Moseley to get down proper. 

Maybe we’ll see you there, maybe indeed… So if you are like me, and just getting back to your local scene, then come on out to Emo’s tomorrow, and we’ll pop that cherry proper.

See ya on the dancefloor,

the deets:

When: Today, Saturday, January 16

Where: Emo’s
How Much:
Doors are at 8pm/Mr. Gattis will be on hand at 9 with some hot Ninja Turtle style pies for your mouths
Custodian goes on around 9:30

More information: Here

*Don’t you love how Gary casually slipped in a Footloose reference?  Oh yes, Gary.  I noticed!