Thursday night: Happy Birthday, Ultra8201!

Hooray! One of my favorite music blogs in town – nay, anywhere – turns four this week!

To celebrate, the guys at Ultra8201 are throwing a dance party for us.

photo credit: kevin n. murphy
photo credit: valerie fremin

(I know it’s hard to make out the actual band members in that picture, but it was too pretty not to post!)

Doors are at 9, and the bands go on at 10. Don’t forget to visit the Do512 page for the event so you can win win ticket tickets!

As my friend Katie remarked the other day, it definitely feels like Austinites are back to being their party-every-night selves.  Me, I kind of lerve the downtime between December-early January.  But when things heat up again, it’s nice to put on your game face and say: “WHATCHU GOT, AUSTIN.”