The world’s worst attitude about camp.

Haha. So, GARY! turned me onto the fact that Mortified – a hilarious variety hour of sorts, which showcases real people’s awkward diary entries, love letters, anti-math teacher manifestos and etc. from their adolescence – is having auditions in Austin this weekend.
I emailed Mom yesterday to see if she could dig up any of my old letters from camp.
Now Reader, if we have ever met in real life, you probably thought: “Overall, Tolly is a fairly positive person.”  “Overall, Tolly has a smile on her face.”  But you would be missing one very crucial truth, and that truth friends is this:

Sometimes, I have a really, really bad attitude about things.  Sometimes I am whiny.  And, slightly melodramatic.  (Like with folding and putting away laundry. I hate it. It’s like the laundry exists purely to inconvenience my life, and takes time away from doing IMPORTANT things.  Such as Twitter.  Or…text messages.  Yeah. Twitter and text messages.  Thanks a lot for preventing these two  extremely important things, LAUNDRY).

Anyhoo, below are some letters home from my first overnight camp, stationed, ironically, in Utopia, Texas.  Heh. Utopia indeed. 
(Note: Purrsilla is my cat).

Finally, this is a letter to….my cat.  (Purrsilla/Prissila – she had a couple of different spellings). I don’t think I wrote it at camp.   If any of you know Claudia, my current cat, you might recognize the EXACT sentiment in this letter that I have towards her now (smothering).