Snack Bar, Austin

A couple of nights ago, I joined a few friends at the newly-opened Snack Bar down on South Congress.  It was my first visit, and though I don’t bring back a report on food (just enjoyed some bubbly), I can safely report that the atmosphere is quite lovely, non?

Something about the above photo reminds me of that Edward Hopper painting, “Nighthawks.”

My mom always loved that painting.
Anyway, coincidentally enough, I just learned that today is the last day Snack Bar is open before they go on a little week-long break for staff training and stuff.  Go try it!  (And report back to tell me how the food is).  Maggie’s Austin and The Michael have both given Snack Bar sparkly write-ups, and you know the Yelpers are all over it.  The interior is throwback 50s diner with touches of playful kitsch, but the menu offers more tapa-like things than you might expect: Pesto gnocchi, masa cakes, even an “Asian taco” that contains – stay with me – tempeh, egg, carmelized onion, and grilled pineapple.  Yow!