Today is the day!  RAD CITY!

A few important things to note before you get your swap on tonight, Austinites:
1. Some of you have asked whether this event is all ages.  Major major sad face, but Beauty Bar is 21+ only!  We tried kids, but the law’s the law.  Don’t worry, Sarah and I are already brainstorming more swaps and we shall definitely get an all ages one going, since as it turns out, I know a pretty fair amount of ridiculously stylish high schoolers. 
2. HOW IT WILL WORK.  First of all, definitely bring your clothes in a bag!  You will drop your clothes off right at the entrance, and we will whisk them away for you.  Then hang onto that bag, because…
3. We are earthy-lovin’ kinda gals so we won’t be providing bags.  
4. At the door, you will receive 10 tickets – WHETHER YOU BRING 10 ITEMS OF CLOTHING OR $5.  Both methods get you tickets!  You will use these tickets to swap for the items you want.
5. When you arrive, you will notice that there will be separate tables for stuff.  Tops / bottoms / dresses / shoes / etc. Each will be manned by one of our fabulous crew members, and each table will also have a bucket, so when you see an item you like just drop your ticket in the bucket, and nab it. 
6. BRING EXTRA FOLDIN’ MONEY if you’d like to score the sweet stuff provided by our pop-up shops!  If you forget, there is an ATM right outside of Beauty Bar. 
7. Enjoy a cupcake, enjoy rum, enjoy Laurie Gallardo‘s rad playlist! 
It’s just that easy.  In the spirit of second-hand, I’m going to wear this ensemble today, which is about 75% thrifted:

I was telling someone earlier that I call this my “teacher dress,” as when I originally got it, it came down to my mid-calf.  Then I got it tailored to be a mini, so now I guess it’s “sexy teacher.”  (At least that is the goal.)

FINALLY, after you rock it, swap it tonight, head on out to South Side Sanctuary for a night of fashionable awesomeness there!  It lasts until 2:00am:

Between this, the Rock & Swap, and Le Garage Sale today / tomorrow, this is going to be one well-dressed city come Monday.