I was a messed up nine-year-old.

Since quite a few of you seemed to enjoy my whiny childhood camp letters/love letter to my cat, I thought you might enjoy this item, too.

Below is an entry from my second diary that I ever kept, from roughly age eight – age eleven.  I started the first one when I was six, and it contains such enthralling entries as: “MY NAME IS TLOYLY.  I AM SXI SIX.” Pretty juicy.

My entries from this second diary were fairly boring, too: “Dear Diary. Today I went to Rachel’s house. I got to level 3 on Super Mario Brothers. Signed, Tolly.” They mostly chronicle my wild adventures attending school and after-school care. However….

Flipping through the pages last weekend, I did come across ONE ENTRY that was a little suspect.  I wrote it when I was nine.  It is below.

Pause.  “Yesterday, I mooned a dog.”


At least I had the good sense to write “YUCK!” in lovely cursive.