Vintage Christmas videos that make you go "hmm?"

This post was inspired by minxy local blogger Colours Marie, who Tweeted a link to Eartha Kitt’s “Santa Baby” earlier. It inspired me to put together some other vintage Christmas faves.


Next up….Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas:”

I like how around minute 1:59, Bing and his lady are suddenly in going-out clothes, and the girl looks just as surprised as we are. “How did this happen? Why am I suddenly wearing a hat and lipstick?”

After I watched this video a link to “Little Drummer Boy with Bing Crosby and David Bowie” popped up – that’s right, BING CROSBY and DAVID BOWIE – and I couldn’t resist. (Random…?)

Anyway, there are a good two minutes of banter between Bing and David – “oh hello! I’m David Bowie! Let’s have a go at White Christmas, shall we?” – but be patient. Their formal duet around the piano – which neither plays, despite both bragging that they do – is coming.

This next one is so funny y’all. Christmas with Boy George, the guy from Duran Duran and other dudes:

Finally. More Boy George Christmas fun, and this one’s brand new. Did you know that Boy George loves Christmas?

This video makes both zero and total sense. In between pics of Boy George’s pursed-lips mug floating about town, at the art gallery, at the mall, what have you, there are casual splicings-in of stock photography….like, oranges. Mixed nuts. PLANET EARTH?

What these things have to do with Christmas I suspect only Boy George knows, but the money shot is minute 2:50. Pause it, copy it, make it your desktop wallpaper.

Merry Christmas from Boy George and a stack of oranges!