Thursday is crazy pants: Locally Thrown and Optimo

Don’t you love those weeks when the weekend starts early? Me too.

This is a party thrown by Red Bull and the formidable Danielle Thomas of Big Green House Presents. The first time I went to one of Danielle’s music parties, it was at The Compound (a WAY under-utilized concert space in my opinion) to see the Black & White Years, playing live, then mixed up by DJ Manny. It was furkin’ amazing.

Now, she and Red Bull are executing the same concept, but times 16. And by that, I literally mean 10 bands + 6 DJs. The idea is, all of these local bands get their original songs sampled and spun and cut up and overlaid by local DJs (including Austin Eavesdropper favorite Richard Gear) for one ginormous dance party at Mohawk. Doors are at 7pm tomorrow.

And Reader…what do we have here? Special for Austin Eavesdropper readers…a teaser track!

Download and enjoy.

Also this Thursday, down the block at Beauty Bar:

Optimo will be joining us from his native land, Scotland, to help you get your freak on. This one you might want to RSVP for since tickets are cheaper that way: do it here.