This Saturday, your head might explode

Hello friends!

Alright, I’ve got two twitterpating things to share with you. The first is a rundown of (mostly) free Saturday fun. Show of hands: Who’s excited it’s almost the weekend??

The poster pretty much says it all. The only thing it DOESN’T say is a 45 foot Viking ship, which will be in attendance at Manfest, as well as a real live Centaur. What.

Loving The Godfather-like poster here. There will be a pizza eating contest going on at this party, and the winner receives free pizza from Homeslice for a whole year. (Much like our friend Seth over at Year of the Pizza.) It starts at noonish, so have fun here then mosey on over to Manfest after. With any luck, you can catch a ride with a Viking.

So this demure, tasteful poster leaves out a few key items. Because while free libations and a dance party are ALWAYS welcome, at least to me, there are all these things happening too (copied and pasted from invite email):

“We have a variety of different interactive zones going all night:

– 12 person circuit-bending jam room
– stop-motion animation jam
– “feeto booth”
– interactive and kinetic steel sculptures
– did someone say “Smoke Bubbles”? yes they did.
– jaw-dropping lighting from the one and only Jason Mika”

“Feeto booth?” Your guess is as good as mine.

This one’s also at night, and nearly in walking distance from the party above. I like Hard Proof Afrobeat, and I think you will too. This is the only event with a cover, so remember to bring $5.

So, there you have it! Saturday is Awesome Day in Austin, Texas.

Now for the second exciting thing. Austin Eavesdropper is getting a new contributor, one whom many of you know and love already…..any guesses as to who it is??

Three out of the four items I’ve listed here today came from this muscular forearmed person. If we’re going to be honest, this bright and shiny new AE contributor has his finger to the pulse of this city even better than I do!

Also – and this is true y’all – it’s just a miracle Austin Eavesdropper’s head stays screwed on straight most days. Aside from taking note of cool local happenings, it’s a challenge to get dressed sometimes. I don’t mean in the depressed way. I mean that this morning for example, I inadvertently selected a top that has a gaping hole in the side. And now, here I am at work! With a huge hole in the shirt! If I see a client, I have to hold my arm in a funny way so they don’t notice.