The most wonderful thing happened.

You guys!

Something MAGICAL happened on Christmas. (Besides it snowing in Dallas while self was there! But this is even bigger).

R. and I have these two best friends, Kim and Jason, whom we met five and 1/2 years ago. You see, R., Jason and I used to be teachers at this little school together in Hyde Park. R. taught music (which he still does), I taught yoga, and Jason pretty much taught everything. Kim is Jason’s girlfriend, and the first time I met her, she was dressed as Superwoman for a Halloween party our school was having….a fact that makes me smile to this day.

And now, Kim and Jason are ENGAGED!

That is Kim’s hand and her new ring, and here is a picture of Jason basically being a rockstar.
He plays in a band with R., who is their drummer! This was at Club DeVille, and you can kind of see DeVille’s cave-like wall in the background.

And here is a summery picture of Kim and I and several friends from a few months ago. Kim is in a happy face shirt, and I’m in orange right next to her.

Kim has the greatest life stories of anyone I’ve ever met. I’m always begging her to let me write her memoirs. Whenever she goes on a trip, she always comes back with some new adventure tale or a fresh piece of endearing ridiculousness that a family member said. She also does hilarious impressions, and when she and Jason are both around they are so funny together than my stomach and cheeks hurt and I have to beg them to stop!
Jason writes songs for people, and he even wrote one for my birthday last year. If you ever go to a Lennings show here in Austin you might hear the song “B12,” which is about Kim.

This is Kim and Jason at R. and I’s wedding two years ago. Don’t they already look smashing?

I can’t wait to see what their own wedding will be like. I feel so lucky to know these two talented, beautiful individuals. They are both the type of people that make you feel so good about yourself, even if all you do is sit there and laugh at THEM and the delightful things they say.

“CongratuJasons!” I love you two very much!