Lazy Saturday playing with presents.

Welcome back to the interwebs, Austinites! And everyone! Did you have a good holiday?

R. and I were in the Dallas/Fort Worth-ish area on Christmas Eve, where it…snowed. This was very different snow from the light (imagined?) sprinkling we experienced here in Austin three weeks ago. This was a REAL LIVE ALL-DAY LONG snow, i.e., my very first White Christmas ever. Were any of you displaced Austinites out there witnessing it?

For Christmas, R. gave me a Holga camera!!

I am going to Precision Camera & Video today after I finish this blog post to buy film for it.

Also, my adorable just-returned-from-Costa-Rica-on-a-language-immersion-program Daddy brought me back a little pouch purse that’s the exact right size for my new Holga baby:

And my mom, from whom I directly inherited my obsession with thrift stores, gave me these awesome vintage earrings:

Speaking of vintage! I gave myself a Merry Christmas at Buffalo Exchange last week with these faded black jeans with zippers at the ankle.

And…to top off this downright vintage-y circus, Gary sent me this video yesterday, “Une Very Stylish Fille.” Do you love?

Finally. On Christmas Eve, my wonderful mother-in-law gave R. and I this rad indoor, hydroponic HERB GARDEN!
We have been wanting to be more garden-enjoying people but have yet to set up a garden at home, so this is a perfect solution. Our kit also came with a flashy cookbook that tells us how to make things out of our fresh herbs! Now Reader, I am not a gifted cook, but what would you be more likely to come over and eat if I made it for you: Creamy Zucchini and Basil Soup or Roasted Garlic Thyme Soup?

Off to go purchase film for the new Holga baby!