I love East Side Show Room, even when you have to wait.

It’s true. You do have to wait a while to get your food, or even your drink, at East Side Show Room.

But I don’t care. I love it anyway.

Last night, I joined a handful of friends at ESSR while R. stayed home and practiced drums. Have I told you about R. and his drum zen state? I don’t think I have. Well, this man can play drums for hours, which is equal parts unfathomable and astounding to a person like me, a person with the attention span/memory of a goldfish. I have always hoped that by marrying him some of his super hobby powers will rub off on me, and I think it’s working because, guess what? This blog just had it’s two-year-old birthday! Good job, blog.

Anyway, Kerissa – cute short black bob below – made it into a lot of these pictures, as well she should. She’s a teacher and she works for Filter! Talk about hip. You’ll also see friends Andrew, Marty, and Frank.

Marty and Frank are on the bottom right, and don’t you love the quizzical look Frank is giving him? Especially since Marty is grinning madly. Almost like he’s UP to something.

More very adorable people, Chris and Ashley. You may remember Ashley from when we were talking about red lips a while ago, and she inspired me to try out red lips too. I think we are on the verge of a tidier street style here in Austin, and red lips are just the beginning.

Also, you would have loved this so much Reader. There was a jug band playing at ESSR, and while I’m not certain of this I’m going to venture a guess and say they were No Prospects. ESSR’s website calendar doesn’t say for sure but judging by the band’s description this sounds about right. Anyway, a while back, you know how The Gourds did a cover of “Gin & Juice” and essentially blew everyone’s mind? Well….
That is a picture of No Prospects covering Ludacris’ “What’s Your Fantasy!” It was GENIUS and very much a crowd sing-along. (It’s a little embarrassing to open your mouth and realize you know every word to that dirty, filthy song.)

Finally, we made a New Year’s Resolution list. This was a collective effort made by all of the lovely people here who I did and did not get pictures of, as well as a second group I like to call “The Gang,” i.e. a stack of postcards with pictures of 70’s catalogue men that I carry around for laughs. The Gang was featured on my wedding invitations and now they are helping turn New Year’s Resolutions into reality. I’ll show them to you sometime as truly, there’s not much The Gang can’t do. Except look bad in tidy whities.

I’m afraid to tell you that my resolution for 2010 is frightfully vague – “BALANCE” – but, oh well. I’m thinking it’ll be more like a mantra as that is what I need sometimes.