GARY’S FIRST POST! Hug an event planner: Red Bull Locally Thrown Edition

Everybody, meet Gary!

Gary is Austin Eavesdropper’s NEW CONTRIBUTOR. He is also her go-to on the Austin music haps, her deliciously handsome partner-in-crime, and like my dad loves the movie Airplane! Which is neither here nor there but I thought you might be interested.

So enjoy, and everybody remember to welcome Gary to Austin Eavesdropper! Take it away, Mr. Gaston:

Here in Austin we seem to be blessed with a LOT of things. Austinites are kind of spoiled when it comes to the amount of free parties and shows that go on in this town on a weekly basis. It’s important to note that the shows and parties we all go to don’t just happen on their own. They are put together by the awesomely robust events planning and production companies that have cropped up in Austin in the last few years. Companies like Big Green House Presents, Knuckle Rumbler, Clink Events, Launch 787, Flip Scene, etc. work their butts off to ensure that we have a good time, meet tons of new people, and maybe leave with a few cautionary tales to tell the grandkids…

I’m only bringing this up because tomorrow marks a very important anniversary for some of us here at Austin Eavesdropper (and by some I really only mean Tolly and I, cause we are kind of it when it comes to AE). You see, it just so happens that Tolly and I met at a party at The Compound around this time last year. The same party that made me legend in the halls of the Southside Sanctuary Printshop (Note to reader: Apparently drunk t-shirt shopping in 35 degree weather makes people remember who you are). It wasn’t just ANY party, it was a Big Green House Presents party that brought together some of the best local talent Austin had to offer last year. The best way I could describe this party would be to quote that old commercial, “Hey! You got peanut butter on my chocolate! No! You got YOUR chocolate in MY peanut butter!” End scene. You see, the party we went to was called “Black and White Years’ East Side Remix,” It was genius. Three local DJ’s (DJ Manny, DJ Bigface and DJ Claude 9) would remix tracks from The Black and White Years album and then spin those remixes live after the Black and White Years finished their set at The Compound. Needless to say we had an awesome time dancing that cold December night away…memories were made, friendships were formed, and I left with about seven Southside Sanctuary Shirts and a case of the sniffles from being shirtless for a good portion of the night.

So why is all this important? Well it’s important because they are doing it again this year, but instead of one local band having all the fun, this year Big Green House decided to share the love with a total of 10 bands and six DJs. Crazy right?

Now perhaps you’re still on the fence about heading out on a Thursday night, or you weren’t swooned by my tales of friendship and memories from last year. It’s possible you are still scratching your head about why I would reference a Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup Commercial from the 70’s…so know this: This whole event is actually a benefit for Ian MacDougall of the Riverboat Gamblers. Ian was actually HIT by a car this October while riding his bike in our lovely city and is currently dealing with a massive pile of medical bills. Now they are only asking for a suggested donation of $5 at the door which will ALL go to help cover Ian’s mounting debt. If there was ever a time that you wanted to get out and support Austin’s local scene, then kids, this is it. In one fell swoop you can show the DJs you love, the bands you love, and the people that throw the parties we love that we really like and appreciate what it is they do for Austin. ‘Cause let’s face it, without these people Austin wouldn’t BE Austin.

So here are the deets:

Red Bull Locally Thrown brings six local DJ’s (DJ Manny, DJ Orion, PREPMODE, DJ BigFace, Richard Gear and DJ JE) to the table to spin their party mixes of Austin’s best local live music.

10 bands being mixed are: The Octopus Project, Riverboat Gamblers, LIONS, The Black & White Years, White Ghost Shivers, Nelo, The Lemurs, Brothers & Sisters, Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears and The Story Of.

7-8pm Lone Star Beer and Dripping Springs Vodka

$5 suggested donation at the door

Proceeds will go to Riverboat Gamblers, whose guitarist Ian MacDougall was seriously injured recently after being struck by a car while riding his bicycle.

Read Ian’s story.