Brrr It’s Cold in Here, Must be Some Knuckle Rumbler in the Atmosphere‏

This is the second post by GARY here on Austin Eavesdropper. The topic? Dance party. The suspects? Knuckle Rumbler. Keywords? Swan dress.

The floor, Gary sir!:

So in the midst of yesterday’s little love fest, I name dropped a few of my favorite people that throw parties in our little city. I mentioned Knuckle Rumbler specifically because Jill and Aaron put together some pretty fantastic events. They’ve done more straightforward events like bringing Thunderheist, The Hood Internet, and Del the Funky Homosapien to town, but I really think the thing they are best known for are their mashup parties. If the word “mashup” intrigues you, then my advice would be to keep reading…

So it turns out that this weekend is shaping up to be the kind of weekend that has all of us at Austin Eavesdropper adding a cloning machine to our Amazon Wishlists. You of course already know that tonight we have Red Bull Locally Thrown over at Mohawk, so Thursday’s covered, but now you’re asking “Hey Gary, what about Saturday? What am I supposed to do on Saturday?” Well THAT is a great question. And, I’m happy to report that I have a great answer for your great question.

Let me do what I do best and answer your question with a question (and I apologize that this next part reads like an infomercial for Kitten Mittens): Do you love Bjork and Outcast? Do you find yourself wishing you could dress more like Andre 3000, or perhaps show up to a restaurant in a swan dress and not garner looks of disapproval? Do you often find yourself stuck having to make the difficult decision of which you would rather listen to? What’s that? You do? Great, then follow the only advice I know how to give and keep reading…

Knuckle Rumbler is actually throwing a party just for you that they have dubbed Icelanta. This will actually mark the third time that Prince Klassen and DJ Orion will come to The Scoot Inn to do battle for our entertainment. Only this time they will leave their Raspberries and Soul Glow at home in order to brandish weapons of a different nature. This time it’s all about Bjork and Outcast, and to be honest, this is the one that I am most excited about.

So do yourself a favor and head over to Do512 to RSVP for a reduced cover of $3.

Oh, and did I mention there is going to be a mother truckin’ snow machine? See – I told you these guys know how to throw a party.

See you guys on the dance floor ;)