Birds of Paradise.

It is a fact that I’ve always loved cross-dressers.

There are a few reasons for this. A) While growing up, there was a Moseley family tradition of getting dressed up in costumes for Christmas cards. While most families were posing in front of the the Christmas tree, or perhaps in front of a fireplace mantle, I was putting fruit on my head with my parents and dressing up as Carmen Miranda.

That man on the right? ….Is my father. Isn’t he sort of precious? Are you noticing that his lipstick is the brightest??

As you can see, from a young age, I was exposed to men wearing women’s clothing for a variety of occasions, including the birth of Christ.

B) My favorite Popple was always Rockstar Popple, who was kind of like the Ziggy Stardust of the Popple world. Androgynous and glittery and awesome.

C) Mom and I both love the movie To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything! Julie Newmar (RIP Patrick Swayze). Have you seen it? If not, stop reading this post, drive to the nearest video rental store, and GET IT. So funny! You will never look at Wesley Snipes the same way again, who is sister sassypants all the way through. Also, Patrick Swayze is a gorgeous woman. Coincidentally – or not – this movie released the same year that above Christmas card picture was taken, making me wonder if the one did not perhaps inspire the other.

So it comes as no surprise that this is my very favorite clip from BBC’s Planet Earth, and quite possibly my favorite clip from anything, ever. (Thank you thank you Heather and Eric for giving Planet Earth to R. and I for Christmas!)

I cannot tell you how much I want one of these birds as a pet. Wouldn’t it be so great to come home to one of these fancy guys? I would clap for him and make him puff himself out for me again and again.

I die, revive myself, and die again around minute 2:32 when David Attenborough goes, “oh dear. Her departure says it all.” Poor bird of paradise.