Attention Austin weather: WHERE IS THE DAMN SNOW

So who else woke up this morning prepared for a blizzard?

If you’re reading this blog and you don’t live in Austin, we central Texans been dutifully performing Snow Patrol for the last week. Every third Tweet and newscast reads: “BEWARE OF ICE ON ROADS!” and “PROTECT BABIES AND PETS!” and such.

You see, we got word a few days ago that Austin might – might – receive morning flurries on Friday, December 4. This elicited the natural Texas response:


“Better bundle up!” I said this morning, carefully layering thermal socks, jeans, camisole, sweater, coat, scarf, and gloves.

“I wonder if I’ll have to use ‘chains’ on my ‘tires?” I thought, like they say in places with real snow.

After securing the cat safely indoors from the no-doubt Antarctica-like conditions outside, I stepped out to Brave The Cold. Scarf wrapped around bottom half of face, glass of water ready to pour on icy, ready-to-crack-at-any-moment windshield, steely determination to hike through my driveway if need be.

And Reader, do you know what I saw?

A JOGGER. Running in shorts.

Not impressed, El NiƱo. Not impressed.